What is an Authority Article – And Why Your LinkedIn Profile Needs It

In the realm of professional networking and personal branding, LinkedIn has emerged as a powerhouse platform packed with great features. With over 922.3 millionmembers worldwide, it offers a unique space for individuals and businesses to connect, share insights, and build a strong online presence. One prominent feature that contributes to this growth is LinkedIn authority articles. In this article, we’ll explore what LinkedIn authority articles are, why they matter, and how they support brand authority and trust.

What is an Authority Article – And Why Your LinkedIn Profile Needs It

Understanding LinkedIn authority articles

LinkedIn authority articles are long-form content pieces published directly on the LinkedIn platform. This feature allows professionals to share their expertise, knowledge, and insights with their connections and a wider audience. Like blog posts, authority articles provide a dedicated space for professionals to showcase their thought leadership and engage with other professionals in their industry.

Are they better for B2B or B2C organisations? 

These are effective for both B2B and B2C companies due to their ability to establish expertise, build trust, and engage with a diverse audience. Regardless of the target audience, these articles offer a platform for companies to share valuable insights, industry trends, and thought leadership.

For B2B companies, authority articles enable them to showcase their expertise to potential clients, establishing credibility and positioning themselves as trusted partners. They can delve into complex industry topics, share case studies, and provide practical solutions, influencing business decisions.

For B2C companies, these articles allow them to educate and engage with their consumer base, fostering trust and loyalty. By sharing informative content, tips, and relevant industry news, B2C companies can establish themselves as reliable sources and build a strong brand-consumer relationship.

In essence, LinkedIn authority articles offer a versatile tool that works for both B2B and B2C companies, helping them enhance their brand authority, connect with their audience, and achieve their business objectives.

Why LinkedIn authority articles matter:

  1. Establishing thought leadership: LinkedIn authority articles are an excellent avenue to establish oneself or a brand as a thought leader in a specific industry or field. By consistently publishing insightful and valuable content, professionals can demonstrate their expertise and establish credibility among their peers, colleagues, and potential clients.
  2. Building brand authority: These articles allow businesses to bolster their brand authority by providing valuable information to their target audience. Sharing industry-specific expertise and insights helps position the brand as a go-to resource, increasing trust and credibility among customers and industry peers.
  3. Expanding reach and visibility: LinkedIn’s vast network provides an opportunity for professionals to expand their reach beyond their immediate connections. Authority articles have the potential to gain significant traction, leading to increased visibility, engagement, and networking opportunities.
  4. Engaging with the LinkedIn community: By sharing authority articles, professionals can initiate meaningful conversations and engage with other members of the LinkedIn community. Valuable insights and discussions can emerge from these interactions, further establishing the author’s credibility and expanding their network.

How LinkedIn authority articles support brand authority and trust: 

Authority establishes your brand as an expert in your industry, positioning you as a reliable source of knowledge and solutions. It improves brand visibility, allowing you to stand out from competitors, gain credibility, and attract a loyal customer base. Trust is the foundation of any successful brand-consumer relationship. When customers trust your brand, they are more likely to choose your products or services, refer others to your business, and remain loyal even in the face of competition. Building authority and trust are essential for fostering customer loyalty, driving growth, and establishing a positive reputation that can withstand challenges in the marketplace.

Here’s how these articles help achieve these goals: 

  1. Demonstrating expertise: By consistently publishing well-researched and insightful articles, professionals can showcase their deep understanding of industry trends, challenges, and solutions. This demonstration of expertise enhances brand authority and fosters trust among the audience.
  2. Building relationships: Authority articles facilitate relationship-building with both existing connections and new readers. Engaging with comments, messages, and discussions around the published content strengthens connections, fosters a sense of community, and increases brand trustworthiness.
  3. Providing value to your audience: LinkedIn users appreciate high-quality, educational content that helps them stay informed and grow professionally. Publishing authority articles that offer valuable insights and actionable tips fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among the audience, further strengthening the brand’s authority in their respective field.
  4. Leveraging social proof: The popularity and engagement metrics of LinkedIn authority articles, such as likes, comments, and shares, serve as social proof of the author’s expertise. A well-received and widely shared article enhances the author’s credibility and attracts further attention from the target audience.

So, what should your brand be writing about? 

Here, you should focus on delivering valuable and insightful content that resonates with your target audience. Here are a few ideas on what to write about in your LinkedIn authority articles:

  1. Industry trends and insights: Share your perspective on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges within your industry. Provide analysis, predictions, and recommendations that can help your audience navigate and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape.
  2. Thought leadership: Share your unique insights, experiences, and perspectives on specific topics relevant to your industry. Offer deep dives into niche subjects, present new ideas, or challenge existing paradigms to establish yourself as a thought leader.
  3. Practical tips and guides: Provide actionable advice, tips, and step-by-step guides that help your audience solve common problems or improve their professional skills. Help them gain practical knowledge and empower them to achieve their goals.
  4. Case studies and success stories: Share real-world examples of how your company or clients have overcome challenges, achieved success, or implemented innovative strategies. Case studies offer practical insights and demonstrate the value of your products or services.
  5. Career development: Offer guidance on career advancement, personal branding, and professional development. Share tips for resume writing, interview preparation, leadership skills, or work-life balance to help professionals excel in their careers.
  6. Industry research: Conduct research within your industry and present your findings in a data-driven article. Share statistical insights, trends, and patterns that provide valuable information for your audience.
  7. Lessons learned and mistakes to avoid: Reflect on past experiences, lessons learned, and common mistakes in your industry. By sharing your insights, you can help others avoid pitfalls and navigate challenges more effectively.
  8. Collaborative insights: Interview or feature experts and industry leaders in your articles. This allows you to share their perspectives, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and provide your audience with diverse viewpoints.

LinkedIn authority articles play a vital role in establishing brand authority, building trust, and fostering meaningful professional connections. By consistently delivering valuable content, professionals and businesses can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry, engage with their target audience, and expand their reach. Leveraging this powerful feature enables individuals and brands to thrive on LinkedIn and unlock new opportunities in the professional sphere.

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