This genius iPhone tripod folds up to the size of a credit card

Designed for iPhone photographers, the Pocket Tripod’s one-of-a-kind design allows it to fold up to the size of a credit card so it can fit easily into your wallet, pocket or bag. When you need an iPhone stand for something like a group photo, a long-exposure sunset shot or even to watch a video on a long flight, it folds out in seconds to support your most prized gadget.

It’s the perfect lightweight, sturdy iPhone tripod that you can take anywhere. Even Woz likes it!

An iPhone tripod you can take everywhere

The iPhone long ago proved the old saying that “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” The iPhone’s cameras just keep getting better, and Apple’s computational photography software is the secret sauce that enables the slender handheld to deliver unbelievably beautiful images.

But sometimes, whether you’re shooting fireworks or going for the ultimate selfie, you need a tripod to capture the perfect photo or video. And nobody likes lugging around an old-school tripod.

That’s where Geometrical’s Pocket Tripod comes in.

Made of CNC-cut carbon fiber, it looks like an alien credit card when flattened. It takes just a second to fold out into a sturdy iPhone stand that’s stable and easy to adjust so you can get just the right angle.

Works with any iPhone (and Android smartphones, too)

It’s great for any iPhone model — in fact, it’s engineered to hold any smartphone, with or without a case. And it will hold that phone securely as you tilt it to find the perfect angle for creating or viewing content. It’s an excellent accessory for nearly everyone, especially for photographers, videographers and those who often take video calls or watch iPhone videos.

If you are the adventurous type who likes to hike, climb, surf and skate, the Pocket Tripod is designed to help you easily capture your toughest shots. It’s easy to pack anywhere. And with a tripod in your pocket, you won’t find yourself relying on some random item out in the wild to prop up your iPhone.

While many stands block the smartphone’s mic or speakers, muffling sound, the Pocket Tripod stays out of the way of the iPhone’s hardware for crystal-clear audio.

The credit card-size iPhone tripod Woz loves

The Pocket Tripod won over many happy customers on Amazon. Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak raved, “What a great idea that I wish I’d thought of. I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that. I will definitely add it to my backpack.”

Don’t trust your iPhone with just any holder.

Check out the Pocket Tripod by Geometrical for a game-changing, hands-free experience that will keep your iPhone steady and secure while you work and play. It’s available now at an exclusive low price through Cult of Mac Deals.