The Main Problem With Xiaomi Phones – Fix Them It’s 2022!

Over the last 5 years have used and got to recommend Xiaomi Phones to most people. And most have been satisfied irrespective of some of the problems that these phones have. Obviously, there is no perfect Smartphone, especially in the mid-range budget segment. But somehow Xiaomi has proven to be well-priced and a good value for money in the mid-range segment. As their phones tend to stand out.

From specifications to MIUI and the pricing the Redmi series has stood out for most people.


There is a problem! and I call it from grace to grass. Xiaomi needs to fix these issues or else it might be the next Oneplus. Xiaomi has been growing and in 2021 surpassed giant like Apple and Samsung in the 3rd quarter to be the leading smartphone seller.

1. Software Role Out

The Xiaomi MIUI has stood out as an averagely good UI. You cant like it enough neither can you hate it enough. And while this has made it cover up for most of its in efficiencies. One thing still is for sure a problem especially international variants of the Redmi line Up. Most get 2 years android upgrades.. which will take forever to be available. For instance Redmi Note 9 Pro still Run on Android 11. Yet android 12 was rolled out like 1 year ago. Android Security Updates will take up to 5 or 6 month to arrive. This is a redmi note 9S last received security Patch in March and we are in October.