The Great ABM Debate

Wednesday, 18 October 2023 | 11:30am ET / 4:30pm BST | Online | 90 minutes

ABM is dead, long live ABM.

What was once the new kid on the block has now matured. ABM may no longer be the silver bullet of the events circuit, but it’s alive and kicking out better results than ever. Despite similar challenges in EMEA and the US, mass adoption has revealed radically contrasting regional perspectives.

In The Great International ABM Debate 2023, Transmission in association with The Global ABM Conference from B2B Marketing, six seasoned ABM practitioners take their continental views to the table in three live debates.

Will AI upend how we do ABM? Is ABM old news in 2023? And can creativity improve ABM success?

Buckle up, it’s going to be a big one…

Session 1: “AI is going to change everything about ABM.”
Session 2: “The ABM hype is gone and so should ABM.”
Session 3: “ABM is no more or less creative than other programmes.”

Join our line-up of ABM experts and practitioners to hear their insights on:

  • Will Ai change everything about ABM or just some specific aspects?
  • Do we accept now that ABM is a discipline and not just good marketing?
  • Will ABMers ever start being more creative?
  • Explore the differing perspectives between the US and EMEA – two very similar markets doing very different marketing
  • Learn the opinions and priorities of leading ABM practitioners from the US and EMEA markets

The Great International ABM Debate 2023 is FREE To attend.

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This event is for ABM practitioners from client side organizations. The organizer reserves the right to decline registrations from non-applicable companies and job functions.

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