The Future of Digital Advertising Measurement

This episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast focuses on The Future of Digital Advertising Measurement. I am joined by two very esteemed guests: Maor Sadra, and Dr. Julian Runge:

  • Maor Sadra is the CEO of INCRMNTAL, an incrementality testing platform. Prior to INCRMNTAL, Maor was the CEO of Applift and held executive positions at a number of digital advertising and interactive media firms before that. As a disclaimer: I am an investor in INCRMNTAL;
  • Dr. Julian Runge is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University and before that was a Visiting Scholar at Duke University. Julian’s research focuses on behavioral economics and marketing analytics. Julian and I recently co-authored a paper with Dr. Garrett Johnson of Boston University titled Privacy-Centric Digital Advertising: Implications for Research for the Customer Needs and Solutions Journal.

In this episode of the podcast, Julian, Maor, and I explore the future of digital advertising attribution in an increasingly privacy-sensitive operating environment by exploring the topic from two angles:

  • What approaches to advertising measurement are future-proofed?
  • How can companies implement probabilistic methods for advertising measurement — and, more importantly, how can they attain buy-in for those methods across the entirety of a firm?

We also discuss the nature of brand advertising and how it fits into a performance marketing framework and the skillsets needed for digital marketers as the demands for quantitative rigor increase.

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