Take this .99 ChatGPT crash course to get the most out of AI

Artificial intelligence became a buzz-worthy topic in almost every industry seemingly overnight. One thing is certain — AI is going to change the way you work, so you may as well make it work for you.

Introduction to ChatGPT” is a comprehensive course that aims to dispel some of the myths around this powerful tool and give workers practical tips on how to use it.

Learn to use ChatGPT, the internet’s Swiss Army knife

So what kind of worker is this for? If you use a computer at any point in your daily grind, you can get some valuable insights here. (And if you don’t, you can pick up a dirt-cheap refurbished MacBook Pro from Cult of Mac Deals.)

The “Introduction to ChatGPT” course focuses on what kinds of tasks the AI chatbot can automate or help you do more quickly. And that covers a lot of ground.

If you’re a marketer, you’ll see how OpenAI’s superstar chatbot can write laser-focused, SEO-optimized ad copy or blog posts. Or, if you’re a researcher, discover how to use ChatGPT to gather data and create helpful reports. And if you’re a business owner, you can see how the hottest new tech tool can help you communicate with clients and find new talent.

Save on the ‘Introduction to ChatGPT’ course

Rated four out of five stars by verified purchasers, this ChatGPT course consists of lessons taught by International Open Academy, an education collective dedicated to making complex concepts accessible.

As you complete each module in the intro to AI course, you’ll refresh your knowledge with a short exam. Once you finish, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from this ICOES-accredited academy that’s suitable for inclusion on your resume. (If you need more help honing your credentials, try this AI-powered resume writer.)

Right now, you can get access to all 25 hours of the Introduction to ChatGPT course for $19.99. That’s currently the lowest price anywhere on the web.

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