Styyled Digital Educates Businesses on Modern Ways to Connect With Consumers


Published May 15, 2023

LEHI, UT / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2023 / Styyled Digital, a digital marketing agency, has cracked the code on converting leads into a higher percentage of customers for businesses. The way that customers interact with services and products has greatly changed even over the past five years, and the company has closely noted the ever-evolving trends. Using this data-driven research, Styyled Digital has developed its own way of making the current social and sales funnel more profitable for clients.

The company was founded by Angela Thomas in 2019. Before dedicating herself to marketing, she was originally working in the real estate industry, but what motivated her to take this turn was a series of marketing investments that she and her then co-founder didn’t see expected returns on. These frustrating experiences led Thomas to learn as much as she could about marketing to ensure that such a thing would never happen again. However, when she was finally able to apply what she had learned, she and her business partner saw surprising results: profits for their real estate brand quadrupled in just two years.

Armed with this knowledge, Thomas set out to create Styyled Digital. Since its creation, the company has not just been keeping pace with its competitors. It’s been quickly moving ahead and outperforming them. In this rapidly moving Golden Age of Technology, one either has to find a method and master it to perfection, or learn how to expertly use multilevel, multichannel marketing strategies without risking burnout. It can be a precarious balance even for high level agencies, but Styyled Digital has a few methodologies that keep the company efficient, effective, and high-performing.

Two of these methodologies feed into each other: KISS and the flywheel method. Many might be familiar with the KISS-or or “Keep It Simple, Stupid”-method. It’s a fundamental technique used in the education and tech industries, but it can be broadly applied in all aspects of life. Styyled Digital uses this to keep itself from overthinking marketing strategies and to keep from overextending its resources (and, in turn, the resources of their clients). And to keep itself in check, the company bases its practices off the flywheel method.

In short, the flywheel method reminds companies that they already have the best salespeople out there: their own customers. If their product or services are worthy of customer acclaim, a lot of the heavy lifting will take care of itself. Styyled Digital helps clients ensure that their products and services are worth the hype by creating strategies that allow them to maximize their sales funnel and turn cold traffic into loyal fans and customers.

About Styyled Digital

Styyled Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers professional implementation and ongoing strategy optimization. The company helps businesses achieve sustainable scaling growth through tailored marketing solutions that best fits a client’s needs. CEO Angela Thomas co-founded the company in 2019 in response to ineffective partnerships in the past and now heads a team of trained marketing specialists and offers education services so that companies can learn the ins and outs of the modern digital marketing landscape.

To learn more about how Styyled Digital is taking charge on full lead generation and sales optimization, visit the company’s website, or contact:

Angela Thomas
[email protected]
+1 801-717-1538



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Styyled Digital Educates Businesses on Modern Ways to Connect With Consumers


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