Social media went nuts over the Rams’ meaningless FG to cover the spread

If you bet the San Francisco 49ers to cover the 7.5-point spread against the Los Angeles Rams, you have a bone to pick with Sean McVay.

The Rams were trailing 30-20 with 4 seconds left, and rather than taking a shot at the end zone from the 49ers’ 20-yard line to go out with a touchdown – or even just run the ball to kill the clock – Los Angeles kicked a field goal. Yes, a meaningless field goal to make the score 30-23.

Sure, McVay could’ve been going for some kind of tiebreaker with point differential if it ever came down to that, but it sure looks like he just wanted the backdoor cover for anyone who bet on his Rams.

Naturally, fans on social media went nuts with some hilarious reactions to McVay’s decision.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire