Security camera, body cam, dash cam: This tiny gadget can do it all
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You can’t see everything. If you’re out of the house, you might miss a package delivery. On the road, you might not see the person who cut you off in traffic. You might not even notice an animal right in front of you during a hike.

However, if you have a video camera already recording, it might have seen what you didn’t. The Tokk Cam C2+ is a 1.5-inch Wi-Fi camera you can use on your dashboard, at home or as a body cam. And it’s 44% off with free shipping for a short time.

A security camera, body cam and dash cam in one

Dash cams aren’t just a cool way to relive the most frustrating moments of your commute. If you’re driving and someone else causes you to get into an accident, your objective video record of what happened might go a lot further than your word does for your insurance provider.

The Tokk Cam saves your recordings automatically onto a microSD card, but you also can watch your video feed live using the free iCookyCam app for iOS and Android. Or you can save your videos to the cloud. (Thirty days of cloud storage comes free with your purchase.)

This little camera even boasts a built-in microphone, so the Tokk Cam can listen to people talk. Plus, the discrete size and maneuverable stand make it much easier to hide than full-size security cameras. Put one on your porch if you want to know when the delivery driver arrived, or use the included clip to stick the cam to your clothes.

The Tokk Cam even utilizes automatic night vision. Heard a weird sound at your door in the middle of the night? Pull up your phone, access your camera’s view and see what’s the fuss.

Save on a Tokk Cam C2+

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