OptiTrack’s New 120 Series: Peak Motion Capture

Hold onto your hats, tech enthusiasts and professional trackers! OptiTrack is stirring up the 3D motion capture game with their latest trio of cameras – meet the PrimeX 120, PrimeX 120W, and the sleek SlimX 120. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill gadgets; they’re the new frontier in precision and scale for the tracking world.

1. A New Era of Precision Tracking

OptiTrack has been the go-to maestro for over 30,000 custom 3D tracking setups worldwide. Their new line-up of cameras isn’t just a step but a giant leap forward, allowing users to monitor more markers, tighter spaces, and at distances previously unimaginable. Stephanie Hines, the company’s EVP, wasn’t shy to boast about the breakthrough, “When it comes to large-scale, high-precision tracking, the PrimeX and SlimX 120 cameras are in a league of their own.”

2. Mega Resolution Meets Mega Performance

If you thought 12 megapixels was smartphone territory, think again. OptiTrack has pumped this resolution into their PrimeX and SlimX cameras, ensuring crystal-clear tracking across larger expanses. The PrimeX 120 rocks a standard 24mm lens, while the PrimeX 120W expands your horizons with an 18mm wide-angle lens. And for those who crave discretion without compromise, the SlimX 120’s slim profile with your choice of lens is a dream come true for virtual production sets and covert VR escapades.

3. Active, Passive, and All Things In-Between

Whether you’re diving into VR, AR, or the depths of robotic programming, latency is the enemy. OptiTrack’s new cameras don’t just track active markers; they’re a whiz at identifying and monitoring passive ones too. From spheres to flat reflective discs, these cameras are the quintessential tools for precision. The SlimX 120’s smaller stature means it can blend into the background, ensuring your focus stays on the performance, not the technology capturing it.

4. Made in Oregon, Designed for the World

Crafted with passion and precision in the U.S., the PrimeX and SlimX cameras embody OptiTrack’s commitment to quality. These cameras aren’t lone wolves; they play well with other PrimeX and Prime Color cameras, forming the ultimate tracking pack. Whether it’s for scientific research, VR arcades, or the next box office hit, these cameras adjust to any scenario, delivering top-notch 3D tracking accuracy everywhere.

In Conclusion: Pre-Order Your Piece of the Future

Bundled with the spanking new Motive 3.1 software, OptiTrack’s camera system is a powerhouse, offering continuous calibration and a skeletal solver among other features. It’s a full package that’s set to revolutionize movement science, game animation, and cinematic virtual production.

Eager to get your hands on this tech marvel? The PrimeX 120, PrimeX 120W, and SlimX 120 cameras are queuing up for pre-orders. Jump on over to OptiTrack’s website to snag your ticket to the next-gen tracking experience. It’s not just about capturing movement; it’s about redefining what’s possible in motion capture technology.