Optimize your marketing efforts with full-funnel Google Analytics attribution (2023)

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Understanding what marketing channels and campaigns are most effective in driving business growth is critical to developer success.

Shopify developers have already been able to access conversion insights through our integration with Google Analytics— by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID in your Partner Dashboard, you were able to see which activities were resulting in a merchant clicking the ‘Install’ button on your app listing in the Shopify App Store.

While this conversion event didn’t guarantee the merchant went on to successfully install your app, it did provide a good proxy, enabling you to gain insight on where and how to optimize your marketing activities and ad spend.

Get the full picture

Now, we’re rolling out access to the actual app install event itself to provide developers with more robust, full funnel analytics to best understand the cost-benefit of your various marketing channels and campaigns.

With the addition of the app install event, you can now easily and confidently compare the performance of Shopify App Store Ads in driving app installs with your other marketing activities both on and off Shopify.

On top of this, you can even tie the app install event to a Shop ID, enabling richer insights on the type of merchants that are installing your app.

Easy setup

Adding Google Analytics to your app listing takes only a few steps. Just follow the directions in our docs for tracking your listing traffic.

Once you’ve added your tracking information, Shopify will automatically pass through the app installation event, which you can then use in your Google Analytics account to generate richer insights on what channels and campaigns are driving merchants to install your app.

Learn more about measuring performance with Google Analytics on shopify.dev, and get started in your Partner Dashboard.