Now in Android #96. Adaptive Layouts, Google Play updates… | by Milosz Moczkowski | Android Developers | Nov, 2023

We’ve released the first alpha of our new Material adaptive layouts. These layouts help developers adapt apps to various device sizes, moving beyond the usual screen size assumptions. The release introduces key components like ListDetailPaneScaffold and NavigationSuiteScaffold. The ListDetailPaneScaffold enables seamless display of lists and details side by side or separately, adapting to screen changes like rotation or split-screen mode. NavigationSuiteScaffold smartly switches between a bottom navigation bar and a side navigation rail based on window size. This alpha release is just the start, with more enhancements and components planned for future updates.

You can learn more about this release in our blogpost.

Google Play’s latest updates include enhanced Custom Store Listings for targeted user engagement, improved Deep Links in Play Console for better app-user connectivity, and an expanded Google Play Games on PC beta. Additionally, the platform introduced new features on its commerce platform to optimize in-app pricing and expand global payment methods, increased the compressed download size of APKs delivered from app bundles to 200MB for richer content delivery, and updated the Play Integrity API for faster and more secure app integrity checks.

Check out this blog post for more information on the Google Play updates.

Since the previous episode, there has been an AndroidX release worth highlighting.

  • Media3 1.2.0 introduces significant enhancements to ExoPlayer, Audio and Video playback, media session and more.

Since we launched Google Play Games on PC beta last year, the product has seen a tremendous amount of growth. Now offering over 3,000 titles, Google Play Games on PC currently reaches users in more than 120 countries, providing a wide range of games across genres for players to enjoy. Our catalog continues to grow with popular mobile titles including Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Free Fire MAX, and Angry Birds 2 available today.

That’s it for this week with Adaptive Layouts, Google Play updates and more!

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