Now in Android #95. Google Play Requirements, Animations in… | by Patrick Martin | Android Developers

Every day, Google Play helps billions of people around the world discover engaging, helpful, and enriching experiences on their devices. Maintaining consistently high app quality across these experiences is our top priority, which is why we continuously invest in new tools, features, and programs to help developers deliver the best apps and games.

To that end, we’re sharing how developers with existing accounts can complete the new verification requirements including choosing their preferred deadline to complete account verification. Find out the why’s and hows in this blog post.

Are you constantly in awe of the animations your designer creates but have no idea how to implement them? Do maybe you want to keep your users engaged by adding delightful little treats in your app? Or are you like me and just want to learn how to be a wizard.

Rebecca shares few key principles that unlock a wide range of different animations, from basic to advanced in this video.

Signing in can be challenging — passwords are widely used, and often forgotten. They are reused, phished, and washed, making them less secure. Furthermore, there is a proliferation of ways to log in to apps; passwords, email links, OTP, ‘Sign in with…’, and users carry the burden of remembering what to use where. And for developers, this adds complexity — they need to support multiple sign-in methods, increasing integration and maintenance costs.

To address this, Android is rolling out Credential Manager, which brings support for passkeys, a new passwordless authentication, together with traditional sign-in methods, such as passwords and federated identity, in a unified interface.

Find out more in this blog post.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that the Telecom jetpack library is now in alpha for developers who already have or are interested in creating voice and/or video calling applications. Our aim with this library is to simplify the developer integration process and improve VoIP calling across Android surfaces.

This release supports a variety of Telecom features including:

  • Platform synchronization
  • Dedicated foreground support
  • Audio routing
  • Backwards compatibility

Find out more in this blog post.

There is a new episode of the Android Developers Backstage podcast since the last Now in Android. Check it out below, or in your favorite podcast client:

Android Developers Backstage logo and title art. Episode 202, titled “AndroidX and Gradle”.

In this episode, Tor, and Romain chat with Aurimas Liutikas from the AndroidX team. Topics include performance tuning the AndroidX Gradle builds using configuration caching, local caching and remote caching, as well as tracking API compatibility using the Metalava tool.

Michelle Clark covers new requirements for Google TV apps in Squaring the Circle on Google TV. This means that developers must provide provide a square app icon asset as part of their app package.

Aditya Kumar covers how to customize the linker order in your native Android app in Order Files in Android. Find out more including great CMake examples in the article.

In Increasing trust for embedded media, the Android team covers how you can ensure that the content you embed in your app or game hasn’t been modified by malicious actors.

Meet developers from a Salt Lake City-based music editing app, and successful game studios from Indonesia, Uruguay and Türkiye in the latest #WeArePlay article. Discover the inspiring founders behind them.

Find out how Meta built threads in only 5 months using Jetpack Compose. Even though many of their engineers had no prior experience in Compose, they managed to turn around an app in record time and scale to 100 million downloads in the first week.

Amy Zeppenfeld covers some passkey best practices in Make the passkey endpoints well-known URL part of your passkey implementation.

Continuing with our passkey filled week, learn about Updates to Google Identity Services (GIS) and the migration of authentication APIs to the Credential Manager API with Kateryna Semenova, Diego Zavala, and Gina Biernacki.

Android Developer Story: Bombay Play 10x their revenue after Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator

Learn how Bombay Play benefited from Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator in this latest Android Developer Story.

Live Google Pay integrations on Android: A detailed look at the new dynamic button

Watch live as Domi, Jose, and Nick implement Google Pay’s new dynamic button API live on camera.

How to implement gesture handling in your app

Jolanda covers how to implement gesture handling in your Android app in this short video.

That’s it for this time. We’ve covered Google Play Requirements, Animations in Compose, Passkeys in Android, the Telecom Library, and more. And come back here soon for the next update from the Android developer universe.