Next-gen iPad Pro Magic Keyboard could use a sturdier aluminum top case
Next-gen iPad Pro Magic Keyboard could use a sturdier aluminum top case
Magic Keyboard for 2024 iPad Pro could look a lot more premium.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the revamped 2024 iPad Pros could feature an aluminum top case. This could make the accessory more like a laptop.

Like Macs, the aluminum area around the keyboard will give the Magic Keyboard a more premium look and feel. It should also make it a lot more sturdier when holding the iPad.

New Magic Keyboard to have a more premium look and feel

Current-gen Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro can easily bend or tear at the edges. This is primarily because the area around the keyboard is made of a relatively flimsy material. In the latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman claims the company wants to fix this problem for good with the next version.

The upcoming accessory will retain the same outer shell as the current version and will continue to have only one USB-C port. It will apparently also feature an even larger trackpad. This has been a common complaint among exiting Magic Keyboard users. So, it appears Apple is making key improvements to the next-gen model after listening to user feedback.

Big iPad Pro upgrade coming in 2024

As previously detailed, Apple is planning a big iPad Pro revamp for 2024. This redesign will include the switch to OLED panels and a 0.1-inch bigger display on the larger model. The new iPads will also transition to the 3nm M3 chip for better performance and efficiency.

Gurman speculates that since aluminum is relatively light, the new accessory should not be heavier than the existing model. Its price might see an increase, though. But with a $300 MSRP, the current-gen Magic Keyboard for iPad is already very expensive.

Rumors indicate the 2024 iPad Pro could debut in March or April 2024, with the new Magic Keyboard debuting alongside it.