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Ps5 v2 dualsense controller

Best Buy Canada looks to have accidentally leaked details of the new PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller on its website.

The new controller was listed online with comprehensive details, including its price and features.

The PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller, listed under model number 1000039935 and web code 17668451, is priced at $89.99 with an additional $0.35 Environmental Handling Fee. The controller is showing as out of stock. The original DualSense costs $89.99 so this looks to be the same price.

V2 ps5 controller

This new iteration of the DualSense controller says it brings an immersive gaming experience with several advanced features. It includes dynamic adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and haptic feedback, which replaces traditional rumble motors for more realistic gameplay sensations.

The controller maintains the iconic comfortable design of its predecessor, ensuring ease of use during extended gaming sessions. It also features a built-in headset jack, allowing gamers to easily connect their favorite headsets for an enhanced audio experience. The included Dual Sense charging station provides convenient click-in charging according to the description.

With a 12-hour battery life on a full charge, the PS5 V2 DualSense Wireless Controller is built for long gaming sessions. The controller, compatible with the PlayStation 5, measures 6.6 cm in width, 16 cm in height, and 10.6 cm in depth, and weighs 280 grams.

It’s unclear if this will go back in stock or not but right now it shows as unable to purchase. At least now you know it’s coming and can hold off on purchasing the existing controller, if you were thinking about it.

Thanks Shubham