Lockport art teacher whose social media posts caused stir among parents fired by school board

A suburban school board has dismissed a newly hired art teacher after the person’s social media posts caused controversy among parents at a Lockport elementary school.

On Sunday night, the Homer Community Consolidated District 33C school board fired the teacher effective immediately.

While parents were pleased with the decision to terminate the teacher, they still criticized the school board and claimed they didn’t do their due diligence in vetting the teacher before hiring them.

Numerous parents said they would be coming for the members’ seats come next election.


Parents had said the art teacher – who worked at William J. Butler Elementary – posted some questionable things on social media.

“I’ve seen some anti-religious, child sacrifice, there was Satan worship,” said one parent.

“If he has his lifestyle, so be it, but that is not going to be put onto our children,” said Julie McDaniel, a district parent.

“Concerning posts and pictures that were posted, and not something that I would want to expose my children to at a young age,” an anonymous parent said. “I wouldn’t say they were all depicting violence, but they were referencing violence.”

FOX 32 has reached out to the school district for comment and are waiting to hear back.