iPhone 15 Pro might not get a price bump
iPhone 15 Concept
iPhone 15 Pro could ship with 8GB RAM but base storage could remain unchanged.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Contrary to rumors, research firm TrendForce believes Apple will not hike the iPhone 15 Pro’s price. Instead, only the Pro Max model will see a price bump.

The Taiwanese firm claims the iPhone 15 Pro Max will start from $1,199, a $100 increase from the 2022 model.

iPhone 15 Pro could continue to start at $999

As for the smaller iPhone 15 Pro, they believe it will cost the same $999 before taxes. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max expected to exclusively use the periscope lens, the higher retail price will justify the production cost differences between the two models.

The research firm also claims that Apple will not bump the storage on its Pro models this year. So, the entry-level configuration will continue to offer 128GB storage, with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB being the other options.

In its report, TrendForce further says the iPhone 15 Pro series will ship with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM. This contradicts a recent leak which indicated the amount of RAM will remain unchanged on the new Pro phones.

iPhone 15 Pro to outsell non-Pro models this year

TrendForce estimates that the iPhone 15 Pro series will account for 60% of the total production of the new iPhones. They predict a higher demand for the series despite the higher price tag and believe they will be a “consumer magnet.”

Apple has seen higher demand for its Pro iPhones in recent quarters. Despite this, the firm estimates that iPhone sales for the year will decline by 5% YoY to around 220 to 225 million. This is being attributed to a slowdown in smartphone sales and Huawei’s strong comeback in China. The Chinese government’s recent ban on the use of iPhones by its officials is also likely to play a role here.