iPhone 15 could support faster 35W charging speeds
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Apple could finally give the iPhone charging speed a much-needed speed boost this year. A report based on industry sources claims the iPhone 15 will support peak charging speeds of 35W.

The rumored switch from Lightning to USB-C on 2023 iPhones might have a role to play in this upgrade.

Faster charging speed is unlikely to have a big impact

The upgrade to 35W charging speeds should enable the iPhone 15 lineup to top up its battery in a shorter duration. While the 0-100% charging time is unlikely to see a significant reduction, the top-up time to 50% and 80% should see a decent drop.

With a compatible power adapter, you can top up the iPhone 14 Pro at a peak speed of 27W. However, this is only for a few minutes. As the battery level increases, the power drawn by the phone keeps reducing to increase the battery’s longevity.

For comparison, Google’s Pixel lineup can draw a maximum of 23W from a compatible wall adapter. Samsung’s flagship phones support 25W speeds, though certain models can go as high as 45W for a few minutes.

Non-Pro iPhone 14 models can pull a maximum power of 20W. Despite this, Apple claims its entire iPhone 14 lineup can fast charge from 0-50% in 30 minutes.

iPhone 15 Pro could also support Thunderbolt

Rumors indicate Apple could limit the iPhone 15’s faster charging speeds to MFi-certified USB-C cables and adapters. The Pro models could also support Thunderbolt over USB-C. This should allow you to connect high-bandwidth accessories directly to your iPhone and enable faster data transfer speeds. So, if you have some Thunderbolt accessories for your Mac or iPad, chances are they will work with the iPhone 15 as well.

While the 2023 iPhone lineup could switch to USB-C, Thunderbolt functionality could be limited to Pro models.

The switch to USB-C is one of the biggest upgrades that Apple has planned for its 2023 iPhones. Other major changes include a faster A17 Bionic chip, larger batteries, titanium chassis, and more. Rumors indicate Apple could unveil the iPhone 15 series on September 12th.

Source: 9to5Mac