Introducing homepage ads on the Shopify App Store (2023)

A few years ago, we gave app developers a powerful new tool for growing their businesses—Shopify App Store Ads. With the launch of Shopify App Store Ads, developers could put their apps front and center on the search results page, driving increased visibility and installs with the highest-intent merchants.

Today, we’re introducing a new ads product to give you even more ways to accelerate growth. While search ads are incredibly powerful for getting in front of merchants who are already looking for a specific app, they aren’t as effective for generating initial awareness. This is where homepage ads come in.

Introducing homepage ads

Homepage ads live prominently on the entrypoint of the Shopify App Store, introducing your app to merchants before they start searching. With a massive logged-in merchant base visiting the Shopify App Store each month, homepage ads provide a valuable new opportunity to generate more demand for your app. Merchants who may not even be aware that a solution like your app exists, can now easily discover and install your app.

Just like search ads, you can easily build, preview, and manage ads right from your Partner Dashboard. All you need to do is pick the ad type, set a daily budget, and Shopify automatically generates and manages the look of your ad.

Selecting homepage ad placement on the Shopify App Store

Also just like search ads, our new homepage ads operate on a cost-per-click basis. This means that you only incur a cost if a merchant clicks on your homepage ad, giving you a cost-effective new solution for driving more growth.

Tracking performance

In the Partner Dashboard, you’ll also be able to get a deeper understanding of your ad’s performance. We’ve added key analytics for homepage ads including click-through rate, install rate, cost per install, and more to help you optimize your ad campaigns.

We also just launched full-funnel Google Analytics attribution, giving you the ability to piece together a complete understanding of how all of your marketing activities both on and off Shopify are driving your app installs.

What’s next

In just a few weeks, we’ll be expanding ads from the homepage to category pages across the Shopify App Store. Category pages highlight apps for common merchant use cases. By showcasing your app through category page ads, you can drive discovery in a high-context setting—as merchants are exploring apps for a specific need they have—helping you target the right merchants at the right time.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to build and test new products and features designed to help developers accelerate growth in efficient, cost-effective ways.

Learn more about homepage ads on, and get started in your Partner Dashboard.