How to schedule text messages on iPhone

If you constantly forget to send texts at the right time, this guide is for you. Join me as we go through an effective method of scheduling text messages on iPhone and uplift your communication game. Thus, you will never miss sending an important message or wishing your friend a birthday on time.

Is it possible to schedule a text on iPhone?

As of the time of writing, there is no official way of scheduling an iMessage on iPhone. However, that won’t stop us from enjoying this sense of customization. There is a quick workaround!

The Shortcuts app on iPhone allows you to set up automation and create custom workflows for scheduling text messages. However, you must use a third-party app to send delayed text messages for one time on your iPhone. Let’s learn how!

How to schedule text messages on iPhone using Shortcuts

  1. Launch the Shortcut app on your iPhone.
  2. Head over to the Automation menu → Tap New Automation.
  3. Choose Time of Day.
  4. Now, adjust the task’s time and repetition parameters as you prefer.

    New Automation, Time of Day, Select When and Repeat factors

  5. Choose Run Immediately and hit Next.
  6. Now, select the Send Message automation.

    Run Immediately, Done, Send Messgae

  7. Tap the faded Message bar and enter your desired text.
  8. Next, choose Recipients and add the receiver.
    You can add multiple contacts as well.
  9. Tap Done to save your preferences.

    Message, Recipient, Done

  10. Finally, hit Done to conclude the process.

    Tap Done to save Scheduled Message automation

If you wish to stop sending a recurring text at a specific time, go to the Automation menu in the Shortcuts app → Swipe left the Scheduled Message task → Tap Delete.

Swipe left task, Delete


Will the recipient know that I scheduled a message?

No, the recipient won’t be notified that you scheduled a text message. The message will appear in the conversation as if you sent it manually at the scheduled time.

Can I edit or cancel a scheduled text?

Yes, you may change or cancel a scheduled message. Go to the automation you created → Select Send Message → Tap the message you’ve written before → Type a new message → Hit Done. You may also update the recipient or timing or cancel planned SMS before they are sent.

Are scheduled messages sent if the iPhone is off or not connected to the internet?

If your device is switched off at the scheduled time of sending, the automation can’t run to deliver the message. Also, the scheduled iMessage won’t be sent if you have turned off Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Schedule messages like a pro!

As we wrap up our exploration of scheduled messaging on the iPhone, you now possess a valuable skill that can streamline your communication and add a touch of finesse to your conversations. Harness the power of timing, and let your messages resonate precisely when they’ll have the most significant impact.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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