How To Pay for Spotify Via M-Pesa

Looking to subscribe to Spotify but prefer using M-Pesa for payment? You’re in luck! Here’s a simple guide to help you seamlessly pay for your Spotify subscription using the M-Pesa mobile money service.

Steps to Pay for Spotify via M-Pesa

  1. Create or Log In to Your Spotify Account: If you haven’t already, create an account on Spotify or log in to your existing account.
  2. Choose Your Subscription Plan: Select the subscription plan that best suits your preferences. Spotify typically offers various plans, including individual, family, and student options.
  3. Select M-Pesa as Your Payment Method: When prompted for payment options, choose M-Pesa as your preferred method.
  4. Enter Payment Details: Enter your M-Pesa details, including your mobile number linked to the M-Pesa account.
  5. Confirm Payment: Verify the payment details and confirm the transaction. You’ll receive a notification confirming the successful payment from Spotify.
  6. Enjoy Spotify Premium: Once the payment is processed, your Spotify account will be upgraded to Premium, granting you access to ad-free music streaming and additional features.

Tips for a Smooth Payment Process

  • Ensure your M-Pesa account has sufficient funds to cover the subscription cost.
  • Double-check the accuracy of the entered payment details to avoid transaction failures.
  • Contact Spotify’s support team if you encounter any issues or need assistance during the payment process.

With these simple steps, you can conveniently pay for your Spotify subscription using M-Pesa and dive into a world of unlimited music streaming on Spotify Premium.

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