GPT-4 Prompt SEO Tactics To Boost Website Rankings & Content, Guide Released


Published October 14, 2023

GPT-4 Prompt SEO Tactics To Boost Website Rankings & Content, Guide Released

Written for those seeking to drive more traffic to their web pages, the new guide discusses several search engine optimization (SEO) tactics using GPT-4’s AI language prediction model.

The new guidance can be accessed at

AI Promptivity’s latest SEO guidance coincides with the announcement from OpenAI, the tech giant behind ChatGPT, that their newer GPT-4 program is now able to connect directly with the internet. Previously the AI chatbot was limited to content generated prior to September 2021 as its source material. With this latest upgrade, however, it can connect to current internet sources in real time, tapping into the latest in SEO trends and tactics to help boost website rankings.

Using GPT-4’s real-time access to generate content, define keywords, and suggest improvements to the structure of the websites themselves will enable users to create the most effective strategy to boost their online visibility, explains AI Promptivity

The company’s guidance delivers a detailed breakdown of GPT-4 and how it works in a way which is easy for a layman to understand. AI Promptivity also takes users through how best to utilize the program, as well as its advantages and pitfalls.

“GPT-4’s SEO capabilities can save our users time and resources, bump them up the internet rankings and increase sales with increased digital footfall to their website,” explains an AI Promptivity spokesperson. “However, it is important to balance high expectations of AI content with the necessity for human involvement and strict quality control.”

The guidance, which is available at no cost on AI Promptivity’s website, includes several “best practices” for effective GPT-4 prompt SEO and a case study to demonstrate how they work when applied to real-life situations.

“We aim to make AI SEO as accessible as possible,” said the company spokesperson. “And GTP-4 is providing exciting new ways for our users to explore how to do that.”

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