Gigabyte launches lightweight wireless gaming mouse AORUS M6

Gigabyte today announced the launch of AORUS M6 lightweight wireless gaming mouse. The AORUS M6 adopts the optimized wireless technology and the enthusiast-grade optical sensor to meet the needs of gamers, allowing gamers to fully express their battle power in the game without worrying about hardware limitations. The Gigabyte AORUS M6 boasts an enthusiast-grade 26,000 DPI optical sensor, capable of 650ips and 50G acceleration, giving gamers the ultimate accuracy for competitive gaming. Adjustability in 50 DPI increments further allows users to make a seamless transition from their old mouse by fine-tuning the level that precisely fits their play style. AORUS M6 is equipped with 1ms low latency 2.4Ghz wireless technology, which overcomes the interference of environmental noise and transmission delay.

The AORUS M6 is certified by NVIDIA Reflex to optimize and measure system latency. It provides faster target acquisition, quicker reaction times, and the best aim precision for competitive games. In addition, there are functions such as on-the-fly DPI adjustment, buttons can be programmed and saved onboard, sensor surface calibration and RGB lighting, etc., all of which are designed to meet the needs of gamers, creating a top gaming mouse exclusive to gamers. The AORUS M6 optimizes wireless power efficiency, allowing it to run continuously at peak performance for up to 74 hours. There is a physical light to indicate when charging is required, eliminating gamers’ anxiety about the sudden lack of power in the game.

The lightweight design of 74 grams, even with a built-in battery module, is lighter than most wired mice, allowing gamers to easily operate for a long time. Due to the lightweight ergonomic design, 50 million Japanese Omron switches, symmetrical design, and a pair of side buttons on the left and right sides, AORUS M6 can be used comfortably by both left and right hands. The Gigabyte AORUS M6 wireless gaming mouse has won the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Design Award, providing users with an exceptional gaming experience.