Get Set Up on Google My Business – Now

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool offered by Google that allows you to manage your online presence across Google’s search engine and map products, so understandably, it’s a very important part of search engine optimisation (SEO). GMB provides you with a range of benefits, which can help them improve your online visibility, attract more customers, and grow your business. Here are the most tantalising benefits of using this great digital marketing tool – and how to set up your own account – from our Melbourne SEO agency!

Get Set Up on Google My Business – Now

1. Make your business more visible online and in search results

One of the primary benefits of using Google My Business is that it helpsyou increase your online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find you in search results. By creating a GMB listing, you can ensure that your information appears on Google Maps and Google Search, so your business pops up on their screens. This will attract more customers and generate more high-value leads.

2. Rank higher in local search (local SEO) results

GMB is especially useful for businesses that rely on local customers, such as restaurants, retail stores, and service providers. People want services and products that are convenient and nearby, and communities love supporting local businesses! By optimising your GMB listing, you can improve your chances of appearing in local search results when people search for products or services in your area. This can help you target local customers more effectively and increase your sales.

3. Increase trust and credibility with customers

When customers see that a business has a verified GMB listing, it will increase your trust and credibility. They’ll know who you are, what you do, where you are, and how good you are at what you do! A GMB listing includes important information about a business, such as its address, phone number, and reviews from other customers. This information can help customers feel more confident in your decision to do business with a particular company.

4. Engage with your customers and audience

GMB allows you to engage with your customers in a variety of ways that is valuable for informing customers and people looking for your products or services. Businesses can respond to reviews, answer customer questions, and post updates about your products and services. This can help you build a stronger relationship with your customers and improve customer loyalty.

5.Get insights and analytics you can use to improve digital marketing performance

GMB provides you with valuable insights and analytics about your online presence. For example, you can see how many people have viewed your GMB listing, how many people have clicked on your website, and how many people have called your business directly from your listing. This information can help you make informed decisions to guide and refineyour online marketing strategy.

6. It’s very affordable digital marketing

GMB is a cost-effective marketing tool for you of all sizes, making it especially important for small businesses and start-ups. It is free to use and can help you attract new customers without spending a lot of money on advertising. By optimising your GMB listing, you can improve your online visibility and attract more customers, which can help them grow your business over time.

7. It’s optimised for mobile users

With more and more people using your smartphones to search for products and services online, it is important for you to have a mobile-friendly online presence. GMB is optimised for mobile devices, making it easy for customers to find you and get the information they need while on the go.

8. It’s integrated with other Google products

GMB integrates with as Google Ads and Google Analytics, which can help you improve your online marketing efforts. For example, you can use GMB to track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns and see how they are impacting your online visibility and customer engagement.

9. It gives you a competitive advantage

Finally, using Google My Business can give you a competitive advantage over other you in your industry. By optimising your GMB listing and using the tool to engage with customers, you can create a stronger online presence and show people what makes you different from your competitors and why they should come to you instead!

How to set up your Google My Business Account

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) account is a straightforward process that can be done in a few easy steps. Here’s how you can get your business onboard.

Step 1: Create a Google account

The first step in setting up a GMB account is to create a Google account. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use that to sign into Google My Business. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one by going to the Google sign-up page and following the prompts.

Step 2: Go to the Google My Business website

Once you have a Google account, go to the Google My Business website at Click on the “Start Now” button to begin the process of setting up your GMB account.

Step 3: Add your business information

Next, you will need to add your business information, including your business name, address, phone number, and website. It is important to provide accurate information as this will help customers find your business online.

Step 4: Verify your business

After adding your business information, you will need to verify your business. Google will send a postcard to the address you provided with a verification code. Once you receive the postcard, enter the code in your GMB account to complete the verification process.

Step 5: Optimise your GMB listing

Once your business is verified, it is time to optimise your GMB listing. This includes adding additional information about your business, such as your business hours, photos, and a description of your products and services.

Step 6: Get your customers involved

Finally, it is important to encourage customer engagement with your GMB listing. This can include responding to customer reviews, answering customer questions, and posting updates about your business.

Additional tips for optimising your GMB listing!

  • Add great photos of your products, services, and building: Adding photos to your GMB listing can help make your business stand out and give customers a better idea of what to expect when they visit.
  • Use keywords: Including relevant keywords in your business description and other areas of your GMB listing can help improve your visibility in Google search results.
  • Keep your information up to date: It is important to keep your business information, such as your business hours and phone number, up to date to avoid confusing or frustrating customers.
  • Monitor your analytics: GMB provides valuable insights into your online presence, including how many people have viewed your listing and how many people have called your business directly from your listing. Use this information to make informed decisions about your online marketing strategy.

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