Get a lifelike AI text-to-speech generator at the best price on web

Great graphics and well-written text are essential to any kind of online presentation, but never underestimate the power of the spoken word. If you doubt that people love to listen, consider the rising popularity of podcasts and audiobooks.

Now, thanks to AI, there’s an easy way for any creator to get top-tier voiceover talent at their fingertips with text-to-speech tool TexTalky. It’s available here for the best price on the web, only $37.99 (regularly $162).

Generate unique AI-powered voiceovers in a flash

There are tons of fine-tuning options on this AI voiceover platform, but the basic operation couldn’t be simpler. Just type in or paste your text, and TexTalky speaks it out loud.

You can export the resulting audio as MP3, OOG or WAV files, suitable for inclusion in your YouTube DIY video or latest podcast episode. You can use it to voice your own audiobooks or the characters in your own video game, too. The possibilities are limitless, since your subscription comes with a commercial license for all the voices you generate.

Choose the best voice for your voiceovers

So what kind of voices can you generate? Again, the sky’s the limit. Users can choose from more than 900 distinct voice styles, male or female, in more than 140 different languages. You can add effects to those basic styles with SSML tags and cut or paste together your perfect edit with TexTalky’s studio tools.

The entire app is cloud-based, and there are even background music options you can use to polish up your videos.

It’s no wonder TexTalky earned a plethora of rave reviews. I’m really impressed with TexTalky!” one verified buyer wrote recently. “It’s so easy to use, and I love the wide range of voices to choose from. The app makes it so easy to turn any text into a lifelike human voice.”

Make any narration or voiceover easy with this powerful AI text-to-speech synthesizer. Get a lifetime subscription to TexTalky for just $37.99 (regularly $162). That’s the best price you’ll find anywhere online.

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