Feds Hire SecurityScorecard to Monitor Infrastructure Cyber Threats • iPhone in Canada Blog

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SecurityScorecard has announced its partnership with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (the Cyber Centre), aiming to enhance cybersecurity across Canada’s critical infrastructure.

This collaboration brings SecurityScorecard’s security ratings platform to the Cyber Centre, offering real-time insights into cybersecurity threats affecting companies and critical infrastructure such as utilities.

“Canada is a leading cybersecurity innovator creating a more collaborative and resilient digital ecosystem. We are honoured to partner with the Cyber Centre in safeguarding the critical infrastructure Canadian citizens rely on every day. This partnership is a model for government and private sector collaboration, providing real-time visibility into the cyber threats facing critical infrastructure,” said Sachin Bansal, Chief Business Officer at SecurityScorecard, in a statement on Thursday.

The Cyber Centre will utilize SecurityScorecard’s platform to educate and assist critical infrastructure operators in Canada, helping them identify, remediate, and continuously monitor cybersecurity risks. The escalating threats to critical infrastructure, including increased risk of breaches, have heightened the need for such proactive measures.

According to the Cyber Centre’s National Cyber Threat Assessment 2023-2024 report, cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure, exploiting it for various malicious purposes including espionage, power projection, and intimidation.

“Our visibility into emerging threats to critical infrastructure has historically been limited, and that’s where the greatest risks lie. Our partnership with SecurityScorecard provides us with authoritative data on critical infrastructure and insight to manage such risk at scale. We are committed to increasing the confidence of Canadians in the critical systems they rely on, offering tailored support to critical infrastructure networks vital to the security of the Canadian economy,” said Sami Khoury, Head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

SecurityScorecard’s platform offers a straightforward and instant method to measure and quantify cyber risk with a letter-grade rating system ranging from “A” to “F,” based on continuously monitored threat intelligence data. This information will be exclusively for the use of critical infrastructure operators and the Cyber Centre, and will not be publicly accessible.