Elon Musk wants Tim Cook to lower App Store fees for Twitter creators

Elon Musk wants creators on X to make more money. And for this, he will talk to Tim Cook to lower the App Store fees for creators on Twitter X.

The billionaire wants Apple to only charge its 30% commission on the amount that X keeps, not the money a creator receives.

Musk wants to talk to Tim Cook about App Store’s commission

In a tweet supporting creators, Musk revealed that Twitter is changing its policy surrounding creator payout. The platform initially promised to take a 10% cut of the revenue a creator generates after the first year. Musk is now amending that policy. Going forward, X will not charge any fees from creators “forever” until their revenue exceeds $100K.

The first year remains free for all creators, though, irrespective of the revenue they generate.

This is just the fees that Twitter/X will charge. On top of that, there’s the fees that Apple charges for users who subscribe to creators through the App Store. In such cases, Apple takes a 30% commission on the total amount. Musk says he will “speak with @tim_cook (Tim Cook) and see if that can be adjusted to be just 30% of what X keeps in order to maximize what creators receive.”

If Cook agrees, Apple will get a 30% share of the 10% cut that Twitter receives. And that is after the first year.

Musk has criticized Apple for its 30% App Store fees

Apple is unlikely to amend App Store rules for Twitter. If the Cupertino giant makes an exception for Twitter creators, other companies could also ask for an exception for creators on their platform.

Twitter and Musk’s relationship with Apple has taken a nosedive since the billionaire took charge of the social media platform. In the past, he has publicly criticized Apple for the 30% fee it charges on App Store transactions. Given how unpredictable Twittter/X has been under Musk’s leadership, it would be surprising if Apple adheres to his request.