Disney Takes First Step to Integrate Disney+ and Hulu

In a previous report, we indicated that once Disney concluded its full takeover of Hulu from Comcast, the clock would be ticking on a merger of Disney+ and Hulu into a single streaming platform.

It now appears that our prediction is already coming true as Disney has taken the first step in that direction with the unveiling of a Beta version of what subscribers can soon expect.

Disney+ with Hulu Beta Overview

Starting now, when current Disney+/Hulu Bundle subscribers open the Disney+ app on a TV or other compatible device, there is a Hulu tab on the right side of the current tab row that includes Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.  

When users click on the Hulu image, they will be taken to a Hulu Hub, where they’ll be able to select from Hulu’s library for playback via Disney+. This means that users don’t have to leave Disney+ to open Hulu.

What Bundle subscribers see right now is a limited beta version, with the official launch slated for March 2024.

The beta version is intended to help Disney better understand consumer needs and wants regarding Hulu on Disney+ before it officially launches in the spring. It will also give parents time to set up controls that make sure everyone in their household is watching what’s appropriate for them.

Parental Controls

Disney’s priority is that Disney+ remains a safe space for families. The two-step launch approach will allow Bundle subscribers with a Disney+ subscription to explore Hulu content and give Disney+ subscribers time to adjust parental controls and establish profiles for their family if they don’t already exist. Some content on Hulu is rated R. 

More To Consider

Some Things are Still The Same: It has been indicated that this new integration is not a replacement for standalone Hulu or Disney+ (at least not yet). Both apps will still be available separately. Hulu + Live TV and Premium add-ons will still only be available within the Hulu app, along with the full Hulu SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) content library.

Churn Reduction: Churn refers to the number of streaming services that subscribers cancel or let their subscription(s) lapse for various reasons (cost, not being happy with programming, finishing binge-watching a show). Disney hopes by making Hulu directly accessible via Disney+ the expansion of content access will keep more subscribers from cancelling subscriptions.  

Bundle Subscription: It is also hoped that this approach will attract more bundle subscription subscribers, especially since, in addition to Disney+ content, they will also get access to Hulu Originals, FX, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight, and more…

Hulu Hub on Disney+

Tip: Since this article discusses a Beta version of the Disney+ with Hulu Integration, some details may change between this article’s publication date and the official final version expected to become available in March 2024. 

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