Christmas Already? SONOFF Goodies and WLED Lighting

Well, not quite and I always thought people put their lights up from December 1.. but, not to be left behind… thanks to WLED, Tasmota and my cheapy projector – it’s a start…. and if WLED interests you – check out the WLED MoonModules project.

My Xmas colour sequencing LEDS

But I digress – Sonoff (iTead) just sent me an unexpected present – to be clear, they send me products all the time – have done for years- I made it very clear a long time ago I’m not interested in commission or other commercial deals – and no guarantees the review will be good if the product isn’t. That rather frank statement hasn’t done me any harm as I keep getting new stuff to review and play with. And fair enough, most of the time, I love Sonoff products – indeed – their originl Sonoff BASIC is also the basic setup module used in Tasmota – so I can’t be the only person who uses that original Itead product as a benchmark. Works for me.

You’ll note I recently wrote about their new(ish) SNZB-06P USB-powered presence detector which works a treat with Zigbee2MQTT.

And then the postman arrived with a big box too small for a computer or my yet to be reviewed new Algolaser laser engraver – I just had to stop everything to find out what it was. Certainly FEELS like Christmas…

Sonoff Xmas box

Looks like you could house a missile in there – but no… quite exciting…

Sonoff Christmasa goodies

No, I’m not going to show you me wearing the cute, padded soft-material travel neck pillow that came in the box – but here’s the rest – all wrapped in Christmas paper – I removed that – we all know what Christmas wrapping looks like… A very nice card hand-written from Sue and the Sonoff team, an interesting diary (now why would they think someone with a smartphone would use a paper diary) all in Chinese – nicely bound in black (presumably) pleather, not fixed to any year and full of “useful” dialling codes for China, conversion tables, a ruler, international clothes sizes (that IS useful), address book section, oh, 100+ pages for notes – and all Sonoff branded with a “Merry Christmas” on the front. I can always use a decent notepad. Nicely done.

Then there’s the Chinese puzzle you see above – fridge magnet it seems – ok – more stuff for the front of my fridge. Again, not a cheap paper throwaway – embossed material.

Then there’s the Sonoff-branded phone-stand and in the middle a palm-support.. my neighbour now has these as I already have a similar stand and the palm rest is ideal for right-handed people – I’m not one of them – but then I never told that to Sonoff… and at the BACK:


Two new sensors I’d not even heard off – the soon-to-be-erleased new SNZB-04P Zigbee door sensor set and the SNZB-03P Zigbee Motion Sensor – which unlike the SNZB-06P is NOT USB-powered – and it’s a little longer – the head shape is slightly different and something inside is rattling. Took me a while to figure out how to separate the front and back to find out what the rattle is and look for a battery. I have to say I like the magnetic mount common to the 03P and 06P.

In case you stumble on this – erm no – thats the old 03, not the new 03P. Very little info out there right now on the 03P as it is brand new – released TODAY…. Anyway you hopefully saw it here first. More when I find out more – likely VERY soon. The device has a QR code for adding to the eWeLink APP if that’s how you’d use it – took seconds – hit + then SCAN and point to the QRcode – done.. Ok I figured it out battery access, the back simply turns and inside after tightening properly there’s a monster CR2477 battery in there.

Will this brand new sensor work with Zigbee2MQTT yet? No as it isn’t released at the time of writing – but the SNZB-06P was quick to appear on Zigbee2MQTT – maybe it’s time for another update. I have an file in the /opt/zigbee2mqtt folder – I just ran that and no – not supported yet but I am being impatient. I wish I knew more about adding devices to Zigbee2MQTT – I’d add it myself and submit a report. I don’t expect it will take too long before someone else does.

ZNZB-03P and SNZB-04P

I’ll check that Zigbee2MQTT over the christmas – also – soon to follow up – SNZB-04P. I’m off for a few days at the coast then I’ll be back with more new stuff…