Cell Phone Battery Overheating: 8 Reasons & How to Fix It?

Have you experienced cell phone battery overheating when you put it on charging? Phones usually overheat when you use them continuously, which is more normal than you assume. Since electronic devices are machines and overuse can make any machinery heat up, this isn’t much of a cause for concern. But if you are not using your phone and still facing battery overheating issues, then it’s a concern one should worry about. So, here is a list to explain the reasons why cell phone batteries are overheating and how to resolve it.

8 Reasons Why Your Phone’s Battery is Overheating

Normally, the standard operating temperature range for your smartphone is somewhere around 98.6 to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit, even when performing complex and resource-heavy functions and tasks. Yet, when your phone temperature begins to exceed this upper limit, it is said to be overheating, and there are a considerable number of causes why your phone battery is overheating. Some of the more familiar ones comprise faulty chargers or internal damage to your phone’s battery. To comprehend the causes further, let’s take a glance at the following reasons:

1. Faulty Charging Equipment or Battery

Suppose you have an overheating cell phone battery. In that case, you probably have a problem with your charging equipment, such as using a second-hand charger cable, or you don’t have an original phone charger. Smartphones such as the iPhone don’t charge well if you don’t use the original cable that comes along with its packaging. Using a faulty cable or battery can kill your phone’s battery charging capability in the long run.

2. Internal Damage to Your Phone

Occasionally, your phone can have internal impairment you might not be aware of, particularly if you have had your phone for a prolonged time. Problems in your phone’s circuit are more common than you consider and can seriously compromise your phone’s battery life. It can happen if the phone has been accidentally dropped or used without care. Also, the build quality of the phone too matters.

3. Blocked Ventilation in Charging Port

Your phone’s charging port is essentially a small hole and can easily accumulate dust and grime over time. The issue of blocked ventilation in your charging port can hinder your phone’s charging abilities and contribute to battery overheating. As a result of dust and grime, the charging connector cable is unable to get a clean connection to the charging port.

4. Direct Sunlight or a Hot Environment

While sunbathing sounds good to you, it’s not appealing to your phone. Remember, your phone is an electronic device comprising hundreds of tiny circuits and can quickly overheat. Direct sunlight or even leaving your phone in a hot car for extended periods can cause your phone to overheat and significantly affect your cell phone’s battery life.

5. Too Many Apps Running in the Background

Do you swap apps continuously while working on your phone? You might have tens of apps open on your phone without knowing it! While the RAM of your phone helps to keep multiple apps open and running simultaneously, it also uses your phone’s battery; overworked batteries tend to overheat quickly.

6. Screen Brightness is Too High

Boosting your phone’s brightness can appear like an amazing feature, it can easily destroy your battery in a prolonged run. Continuously operating your phone at high brightness levels can increase your phone’s heat level and, ultimately, lead to overheating situations.

7. Outdated Software

Failing to update your phone’s apps can burden your phone’s operating system, making your software more prone to viruses. Affected software tends to use a large chunk of your phone’s RAM. While malware hijacks the phone’s functions and overworks the battery.

8. Video Streaming

When streaming video, if the signal reception is weak, it can put pressure on the phone antenna and other hardware, resulting in overheating. Furthermore, while streaming videos for a longer duration, the phone’s processor and GPU can lead to heat generation.

How to Fix Overheating on Your Phone

Now that you know what causes your phone to overheat, here is how to fix overheating on your phone. These little tricks will also help you to keep your battery capacity for many years.

1. Replace Cell Phone Battery

Phone overheating might just be an issue due to your battery. But you can’t be sure until the professionals examine it. Visit the Cell Phone Hospital nearest to your location, where our professionals will have a detailed look at your cell phone and recommend whether there is a problem with your phone battery or the phone itself.

2. Use the right charger

Using your phone’s original charger and charging cable will help it charge properly, prevent it from overheating, and save your battery life. If your original charger is broken or damaged, try investing in original new charging equipment instead of buying cheaper second-hand. Charger depends on battery parameters like current, voltage, etc, and they vary from phone to phone. You have to select a charger depending on both power requirements and charging standards. The exact charging requirements of your battery can be checked by installing AccuBattery or Ampere apps on your phone. They help with battery monitoring and also confirm the battery’s current and voltage while charging. Hence, one can select the right charger based on the same facts.

3. Clean out unnecessary apps and update old ones

Uninstalling unnecessary apps can greatly reduce the load on your RAM, saving up your phone’s battery. Closing background apps can also significantly increase your battery life. Old or outdated apps also leech battery life by allowing viruses and malware that affect your phone’s RAM. Updating your phone software on a regular basis is an easy way to prevent overheating. Installing an Antivirus on your phone is also ideal to avoid such cases.

4. Take off your case

Using a simple and light case will improve the ventilation of your phone and prevent it from overheating. Heavy rubber or silicon cases can easily cause your phone to overheat. Another way to cool down your phone if it gets overheated is by removing the battery.

5. Turn on the Airplane mode on your Phone

By switching on airplane mode, your phone OS will be less stressed and your battery will last longer, especially if you are in an area where signals are hard to catch, causing your phone to overwork.

Contact the Cell Phone Hospital for all phone fixes

Overheating can reduce the shelf life of a mobile’s battery for multiple reasons. It’s a problematic situation, but it can be taken care of. In most cases, overheating can be resolved through lifestyle and routine adjustments, especially if your phone is frequently left in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Your phone’s battery may also last longer if you reduce the use of your phone for streaming videos. But if the issues with your phone are consistent, contact our expert technicians at the Cell Phone Hospital. Our professionals will inspect your phone in detail, help you figure out the problem, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your cell phone. Also guides you on how to fix an overheated phone battery.