Best iPhone bike mounts for every rider in 2023

I know it’s quite difficult to see navigations ‘or attend a call on your iPhone while riding your bike. It can be dangerously unsafe for you and your phone. This is where a good iPhone bike mount comes into play. Adorning a sleek build, it promises easy access to your iPhone, irrespective of where and what you are riding.

Their sturdy lock system ensures a firm grip, so your phone doesn’t pop off whenever the wheels meet a bump or pothole. In this article, I have enlisted the best iPhone mounts for bike riders to save you from the window-shopping spree. Take a look:

  1. Roam
  2. Lamicall
  3. TruActive
  4. CAW.CAR
  5. Quad Lock
  6. Spigen
  7. VUP
  8. GUB

1. Roam bike phone mount – Editor’s choice

Roam Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle 360

Are you craving to go cycling but worried about the safety of your phone? Worry not because the Roam bike phone mount is here to be your perfect companion. Equipped with adjustable clamping systems, it easily fits handlebars measuring 7/8″ – 1-¼” inches in diameter. This mount is compatible with bikes, e-bikes, motorcycles, treadmills, and scooters.  

Regarding design, it boasts premium plastic grip arms on the side paired with a heavy-duty silicone net. Thus your smartphone can be protected against bad weather conditions and during rough terrain rides. Moreover, the silicone net absorbs the shocks from bumps, hits, or falls. These impactful vibrations can otherwise damage your iPhone easily.    

Apart from this, the mobile holder supports 360-degree rotation. So, you can change the angle of your phone per your requirement without taking a halt. Further, you will get one of the biggest clamping systems in this bike mount. The six contact points can easily hold phones up to 3.6 inches wide. Everything makes it the best iPhone mount for road bike riders.


  • Adjustable clamping mechanism 
  • Suitable for multiple handlebars 
  • 360-degree rotatable holder 
  • Silicone net and plastic grip hands 


  • Not compatible with sports bikes 

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2. Lamicall – Sturdy iPhone bike mount

Lamicall best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Designed to perfection, the Lamicall iPhone mount for bikes is all you need for your next adventure trip. Its unique shape grips your iPhone tightly from all corners so it doesn’t slip off the holder on bumpy terrains. Just lock the phone clip using the red switch on the back, and you are ready to kickstart your fun journey. And trust me; its one-hand installation will surely surprise you.   

The holder features an adjustable frame with silicone pads on the corners to protect your phone from vibrations and scratches. You can add or detach these silicone pads per the diameter of the handlebar to which the mount is attached. The supported diameter range is between 0.6″- 1.57″. Thus making it ideal for bicycles, motorcycles, exercise machines, shopping carts, etc.   

Similar to others, the Lamicall iPhone bike mount is 360-degree rotatable once attached to the handlebar of your vehicle. So, you can easily switch between vertical or horizontal orientations while riding. Regarding compatibility, the phone mount is suitable for screens 4.7″ -6.8″ in length and 15mm in thickness. Therefore, it’s perfect for many iPhone models.   


  • Detachable silicone pads 
  • Strong and durable build 
  • Wide compatibility 
  • Easy to rotate 


  • Not suitable for big phones 

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3. TruActive – Strong grip with unrestricted functionality

TruActive best iPhone bike mount for every rider

TruActive iPhone bike mount is a prominent pick for anyone seeking superior quality at an affordable price. Made with engineer-approved materials, it has one of the sturdiest phone holders. A custom locking fit, advanced security grip, anti-vibration pad, and a secure ball joint keep your phone steady on uneven paths. Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on iPhone car mounts.

Unlike other brands, this bike mount comes with two bolt sizes for handlebars, including those with a diameter of 0.55″ to 1.26″ or a circumference of 1.72″ to 3.96″. In addition, the 360-degree rotatable ball joint allows you to position your iPhone at any ideal angle of your preference. The seamless compatibility of the holder with Face and Fingerprint ID adds another layer of comfort.   

Keeping in mind versatility, you can put devices with a maximum thickness of 0.71″ and 4.0″ -6.8″ display size. Moreover, you get an easy, tool-free installation setup that hardly takes a few seconds. This scratch-resistant phone holder is accompanied by six different colored secure rubber bands as a package deal. Cool, right? 


  • Strong and durable build 
  • Non-slip and scratch-free 
  • Houses two bolt sizes 
  • Easy installation 

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4. CAW.CAR – Best iPhone bike mount for video recording

CAW.CAR best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Keep your iPhone safe and handy while riding your two-wheelers with CAW.CAR bike phone mount. A super strong metal CrowFoot clamp sits firmly atop all tubular handlebars, giving a solid and steady base to rest your smartphone. The clamp quickly absorbs all the vibrations when you move along bumpy roads, rocky terrains, or uneven paths.   

It also features two rubberized clips with attached silicone belts to save your iPhone from falling, sliding, or slipping. Moreover, you can adjust the width of these clips up to 3.7″ and easily fit different-sized phones. Another essential part of this mount is the 360-degree rotatable ball joint that helps you tilt/rotate your phone freely. 

The smart design of the bike mount promises a steady grip, shock absorption, and easy access to your iPhone. Also, mounting and unmounting the phone on this phone holder is a cakewalk and hardly takes a few seconds. Moreover, if you like making vlogs, this phone mount will help you get the best angles and flexibility to record them.


  • Suitable for all smartphones 
  • 360-degree phone adjustment 
  • Holds phone with cases 
  • Secure and shock absorption 


  • Unsure about the grip 
  • Loose slings 

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5. Quad Lock – Adjustable clamp for perfect views

Quad Lock best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Adorning a sleek, minimalistic design, the Quad Lock Out Front Mount is one of the best picks for adventure-lover riders like you. The polycarb build paired with stainless steel gives this bike phone holder a sturdy frame that protects your smartphone from damage. Its lightweight frame sits firmly atop your handlebars with no possible slides or drops around potholes.   

Designed to be multipurpose, it suits handlebars with 35mm, 31.8mm, 25.4mm & 22mm sizes. You get complete flexibility in adjusting the holder’s position around the handlebar for easy access to your smartphone. Moreover, the 12mm wide clamp band only takes up a little space, allowing you to place other accessories alongside.   

One of the main perks of this phone mount is the easy-to-flip design that makes it ideal for less broad handlebars. Further, the spring-loaded, dual-stage locking system holds your iPhone securely on the stem, giving complete protection to the display, camera, and edges. This iPhone bike mount is fully compatible with Quad Lock cases.


  • Lightweight frame 
  • Dual-stage locking mechanism 
  • Easy to rotate 

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6. Spigen – Efficient lock switch for improved iPhone safety

Spigen best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Lock the safety of your iPhone with Gearlock Out Front bike mount from Spigen. Its unique aerodynamic build includes a rigid clamp and mount that keep your phone stationary while you ride your vehicle. Moreover, with the high-speed lock switch, you can double lock your device to prevent slipping off on bumpy roads. It effortlessly saves your phone from vibrations that arise from high speed.   

Installing this mount on your bike is super convenient. The one-click locking mechanism grips your iPhone tightly, leaving no room for loose ends. In addition, the included universal mount adapter offers widescale compatibility at your fingertips. Simply place your smartphone, including its cover case, atop the mount to ensure its safety while traveling.   

The fiberglass build paired with an included spacer allows you to use the mount with handlebars of different sizes. Its sleek frame sits on the handle, leaving enough space for attesting other essentials. Also, the lightweight frame doesn’t feel bulky when attached to your vehicle’s stem. This mount is optimized to work with iPhone and Android phones. 


  • Slim and lightweight  
  • Maximum compatibility 
  • One-click locking system 

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7. VUP – Silicone bands and shock absorbing pad

VUP best iPhone bike mount for every rider

The VUP iPhone mount is a well-designed option for those who like to stay in reach with their phones while riding their cycles. Its one-piece design comprises a steady silicone clamp and elastic silicone straps that hold your phone firmly. Any vehicle with a handlebar measuring 18-35mm thick can use this universal bike phone holder. 

Another essential part of the design is the built-in silicone pad that safeguards your iPhone from colliding with the handlebar. This shock-absorbing pad swallows the impact before it damages your smartphone. Moreover, the silicone works like soft bedding to rest your iPhone, saving it from scratches likely to arise due to friction.

The silicone bands are fully flexible and offer unrestricted access to your iPhone’s FaceID, finger sensor, light sensor, and side buttons. Further, you can rotate the clamp 360 degrees to get the desired viewing angle. This iPhone bike mount uses superior-quality silicone that won’t stretch over time and loosen up. Thus, making it an ideal iPhone bike mount for using daily.


  • Flexible silicone bands 
  • Strong grip on iPhone 
  • 360-degree rotatable clamp 
  • Works with multiple stems 

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8. GUB – Wide compatibility with adjustable clamp

GUB best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Made using superior 6061 aluminum alloy, the GUB bike phone mount is a good consideration for adventure lovers. The firm grip arms protect your smartphone from slipping off the holder when you move around uneven roads, potholes, or slippery terrains. Plus, it easily fits any smartphone with a width range between 4″ to 7″. Efficient and pocket-friendly – indeed a worthy deal for you.  

With a 360-degree rotatable clamp, you can easily set your smartphone in landscape or portrait orientations. Just turn the clamp at a particular angle and enjoy safe, hands-free phone access while moving. In addition, you can use this single mount on your motorbike, e-bike, scooter, etc. All thanks to its adjustable clamp, whose width can vary from 50mm to 100mm.   

The sleek design of the bike phone mount does not restrain you from accessing the display, camera, or accessibility buttons on the side. Further, the attached sponge ensures that your phone’s back doesn’t get scratched when placed on the clamp.   


  • Improved grip on the smartphone 
  • Aluminum promises durability 
  • Easy access to phone buttons  


  • Not good for big phones 

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Is it safe to mount iPhone on bike?

Yes. An iPhone bike mount protects your smartphone and offers easy access to it for a hassle-free riding experience.

Do motorcycle mounts damage iPhones?

No, motorcycle mounts don’t damage iPhones. Contrarily, they protect them from damage while you focus on your move.

That’s a wrap……

Whether you are a professional or casual bicycle rider, an iPhone bike mount is an essential accessory. These tiny holders sit atop the handlebar to secure your iPhone and offer easy access while on the go. I created this list considering quality and cost as the main parameters for distinction between options. Hopefully, you will find your favorite pick easily.  

Do share your review in the comments section. Also, keep following us.

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