Apple’s Vision Pro May Launch Outside the US Sooner Than Later

Following the announcement of the Vision Pro last year, Apple is set to launch the VR/XR headset in the first quarter of 2024. While Apple didn’t specify the exact date on when we can expect the device to arrive, reports continue to narrow down the timeline. Now, a fresh forecast indicates an imminent release that it could arrive by February and followed by a wider roll-out after that.

Apple Vision Pro US availability

According to the latest newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is said to have commenced distribution of the headset to warehouses in the US. This means that the headset should arrive at Apple retail stores in the coming weeks while the actual sale should begin in February.

Furthermore, it was included in the report that Apple plans to hold briefing and training sessions for its retail employees on January 21. It was not indicated which product the sessions are referring to, but it’s likely referring to comprise the use and sales of the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro screenshots from WWDC 23
Buying the Apple Vision Pro could be required for custom fit headband and LightSeal sizes. / © Apple, edit by nextpit

The leaker added that Apple would hold another global announcement in related to the opening sale of the Vision Pro around next week, which is a week after CES 2024 begins. The timing would somehow take the limelight from the annual tech show.

Gurman believes Apple may allow customers and fans to pre-order the headset online ahead of the actual sales. However, those who placed a pre-order could be required to set an appointment to visit and pick up the device from a particular store, which would involve fitting the right glasses according to prescription and headband size.

Apple Vision Pro may launch in more countries afterward

Although Apple did mention that the Vision Pro would only arrive in other countries “later” in the year, Gurman speculated Apple may expand the availability of the wearable immediately after the US launch. Countries like Canada, China, and the UK are considered the next markets where the headset will be launched.

Lastly, the Vision Pro costs $3,500 a pop, it’s unclear how much it will retail outside the US. Apple does not expect to sell huge quantities of the headset at first due to its ultra premium positioning. Rather, it is rumored to introduce a cheaper Vision Pro version that will possibly be called Vision Lite or Vision in 2025, followed by the Vision Pro 2 sometime in 2027.

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