A lifetime subscription to this password manager costs just .97

No normal human can keep track of the hundreds of complicated passwords required to avoid falling prey to hackers. To keep them all straight, you need a password manager cable of generating complex passwords and storing them securely on all your devices.

If you’re tired of playing Rain Man, this password manager deal is for you. Protect your identity and your bank account with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium at a surprisingly low price. During our Labor Day Sale, you can get complete coverage for only $19.97 (regularly $199) with no coupon.

Save on this highly rated password manager

Using the same password on multiple websites and apps is one of the stupidest mistakes you can make. It’s almost as bad as relying on incredibly weak, easily guessable passwords like some folks do.

A password manager like Sticky Password can help you clear this crucial hurdle of basic online security. PCMag Editors’ Choice and lauded by TechRadar for its affordability versus competitors, Sticky Password already presented great value. This temporary price drop gives you a perfect opportunity to see why this service carries a rating of 4.6 out of five on our store based on more than 200 verified reviews.

“The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and I love that it can generate strong passwords for me,” reads a review from March 2023. “The auto-fill feature also saves me a lot of time, as I no longer have to manually enter my login information.”

Sticky Password protects your online identity by providing strong encrypted passwords for all your accounts. You can then access them all by entering a single master password known only by you. With Sticky Password in play, you can automatically and securely save and fill all of your passwords with one touch.

This affordable password manager keeps prying eyes away from your most vital information. Plus, it ends the frustration of trying to remember a long list of passwords.

Get a lifetime of coverage with Sticky Passwords for only $19.97

Compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows and Android, Sticky Passwords is ready for use on computers, phones and tablets alike. You’ll also get one year of free dark web monitoring with this limited-time deal.

Ensure your online privacy and stress-free access from various devices by purchasing a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium for only $19.97 (regularly $199) through September 4.

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