8% Of Developers Are Apparently Working On Games For Switch’s Successor
Nintendo Switch OLED
Image: Nintendo

We’ve heard ongoing rumours about Nintendo releasing a successor to the Switch, so what else might be going on behind the scenes?

Well, a new GDC 2024 ‘State of the Game Industry’ report has shared some new data from its recent survey – revealing 8 percent of game developers are currently working on a game project for the “Switch successor”.

GDC surveyed over 3,000 developers to get this percentage, and 18 percent of developers also said they were currently working on a game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s worth noting, the identities of these developers were not revealed.

One other question in the same survey asked developers which platform they were most interested right now, and 32 percent of developers picked the Switch’s successor, while 25 percent responded with the Switch as their choice.

It’s no surprise developers are already interested in making games for a Switch successor, given the popularity of Nintendo’s current hybrid platform.

Keep in mind, that this is just a sample and not necessarily reflective of the entire industry. There are likely even more developers who could already be working on projects for future Nintendo hardware. The interest in this survey also doesn’t necessarily mean developers have access to new development kits, either.

Just last week, we heard another developer, Titan Forge Games, mention how it would also be “open” to bringing its upcoming release SMITE 2 to a future Nintendo platform, citing concerns about the “power level” of the current system.