25+ Vintage “Old English” Fonts & Traditional Typography

The history behind the old English typefaces (also known as Blackletter fonts) goes all the way back to the Middle Ages.

This beautiful font type has a rich history even involving kings and queens. In fact, Johannes Gutenberg, the father of the printing press, used a blackletter font to print the first copy of the Gutenberg Bible.

Even today, designers use old English fonts to recreate that same elegant, traditional, and vintage look in their designs. Now, we carry the tradition over to new generations with our collection of the best old English fonts.

Here, you’ll find many different styles of traditional old English fonts, gothic fonts, black letter fonts, and much more. Have a look and make sure to download all the fonts. We included both free and premium picks.

Babylon - Modern Blackletter Old English Font

This old English font features an uncommon Blackletter design mixed with modern elements. A unique take on the classic typeface. It’s an all-caps font that is ideal for crafting bold headings and titles for various print and digital designs. The font will also pair well with brutalism-style designs.

Megistica Dreams - Creative Old English Font

If you’re looking for a font to add a classic and majestic look to your designs, this font is the perfect choice for you. Each letter in this font features stylish decorative elements mixed with a modern Blackletter style. It’s great for bold branding designs and website headers.

Cambridge - Decorative Gothic Old English Font

Cambridge is an elegant gothic font with a decorative old English-style letter design. With this font, you can design amazing titles for book covers, CD covers, posters, social media posts, and websites. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of alternate characters.

Pollyester - Blackletter Old English Font

Pollyester is another stylish old English-style Blackletter font that features strong characters that instantly attract attention. The letter design is inspired by Victorian hand-lettering styles from the 1800s This font also comes with uppercase and lowercase letters to help you design all types of text.

Darklands - Old English Blackletter Font

Darklands is the ideal font you should use to craft old English-style titles and text without adding too many decorative elements. It features a very simple letter design for a Blackletter font and offers improved readability in exchange. This font includes uppercase and lowercase characters as well.

Black Mild - Free Blackletter Old English Font

This is a free old English font you can use with your personal projects at no cost. It features a beautiful vintage character design inspired by classic gothic-style typography. The font is perfect for logo and branding designs.

Rowan & Royal - Free Old English Font

This font comes with an elegant letter design that will make your website headers and post titles look much more professional. The font comes in 5 different styles of fonts. And you can use it with your personal and commercial projects for free.

Bahud Aroyek - Decorative Old English Font

A beautiful old English display font with a Victorian-era letter design. This font has uppercase and lowercase characters with ligatures to help you craft big bold titles that will set your designs apart from the rest. It’s perfect for everything from branding designs to logo and poster designs.

Rumblekill - Rounded Blackletter Old English Font

Rublekill is a blackletter font that comes with old English letters featuring a unique approach. It includes letters with rounded designs rather than the traditional clean-cut sharp edges. And it has a classic vintage vibe that will surely add a fashionable look to your modern designs.

Malegroth - Narrow Old English Font

The tall and narrow letter design of this font makes it a great choice for crafting titles for posters and flyers. It will especially fit in perfectly with designs related to metal music, drink brands, movie posters, and much more. The font comes with all-caps letters with multilingual support.

Steffany Wolfeng - Blackletter Old English Font

With this font, you can design stylish titles and headings with a mix of old English and classic decorative blackletter elements to give a daring look to your text. The font comes with all the equipment you need to make the perfect typography designs, including alternate letters, ligatures, and multilingual characters.

Wilson Wells - Old English Font

This font is a great example of an old English font that has the same classic letter design as the typefaces used back in the old days. It’s perfect for designing tattoos, newspapers, CD covers, T-shirts, and everything between. The font comes with uppercase and lowercase letters along with lots of alternates and ligatures.

Scotland - Free Blackletter Old English Font

An old English-style blackletter font featuring a classic letter design. This font is perfect for all kinds of creative design projects, including label designs, website headers, and badge designs. The font is free to use with commercial and personal projects.

Karma Regular - Free Old English Font

This font is completely free to use however you want. It comes with a vintage blackletter-style letter design that will give a bold and attractive look to your text. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

The Bjorke - Handmade Old English Font

Bjorke is a hand-crafted font that comes with a modernized typeface design inspired by blackletter and old English fonts. It comes in regular and alternative styles that feature a more decorative letter design. You can use it to craft big titles for posters, branding designs, website headers, and more.

Poison Freak - Gothic Style Old English Font

As you can see in the preview image, this font looks incredible for crafting label designs for drinks and beer. It’s also great for badge designs, logos, and even custom T-shirts. There are so many ways you can use this font to experiment with bold designs. The font includes all-caps letters with alternate characters.

Nightingale - Vintage Old English Font

This is a vintage decorative font that’s inspired by old English typeface designs. It features uppercase and lowercase letters with stylish decorative elements. The font is most suitable for logos, badges, and signage designs. You can use it for various other print and digital designs as well.

Billy Money - Victorian Style Old English Font

A unique font featuring Victorian-style old English letters mixed with classic blackletter elements. According to the designers, this font is inspired by typefaces used in old banknotes. The font also comes in regular and shadow styles that you can combine to make more creative title and heading designs.

Candelabra - Medieval Blackletter Old English Font

Candelabra is a medieval-style old English font that comes with a set of classic letters that will remind you of aged wine bottle labels and classic metal music. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with ligatures. It also includes 8 Photoshop layer styles and 10 flares as a bonus download.

Demon Blade - Free Old English Font

Demon Blade is a stylish blackletter font that features classic old English style of characters. It looks perfect for designing bold titles and headings. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Free Old English Font

You can use this font completely free with your client and commercial projects. It comes with a vintage old English typeface featuring all-caps letters. It’s great for label, badge, and signage designs.

Old Charlotte - Decorative Gothic Old English Font

This font features a spooky horror vibe that will allow you to make more scary-looking titles and headers for your horror-themed designs. It’s great for horror movie titles, posters, and even bold branding designs. The font has uppercase and lowercase letters.

Grandice - Blackletter Old English Font

Grandice is a blackletter font that features a set of characters with stylish modern elements. This gives the font a unique look that’s suitable for modern logo designs, badge designs, CD covers, and more. The font also comes with creative stylistic alternate characters with beautiful decorations.

Ambrosia - Decoative Blackletter Old English Font

A classic old English font featuring decorative character elements. This font includes uppercase and lowercase letters that you can use to make big bold titles for posters, T-shirts, packaging designs, and much more.

Black Romance - Vintage Blackletter Shadow Font

Black Romance is a beautiful vintage blackletter font with creative letters inspired by old English typography. This font is great for label and badge designs. And it comes in regular and shadow styles.

Sicarios - Stylish Old English Font

This font will probably remind you of badge designs for biker gangs or metal music bands. The font has a bold and daring design that blends well with modern designs. It comes in 5 different styles of fonts as well.

NIGHTMARIE - Horror Themed Old English Font

Just as the name suggests, this font is great for making scary titles and headings for all your horror-themed designs. It features classic old English letters with minimal decorative elements.

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