2 Ways to Know the Number of Verified Followers on Twitter

Who hates followers getting good reach on social media? On top of it getting paid for posting, with the Twitter Creator Subscription and Ad payout adds icing to the cake. Twitter has been paying out good ad revenue to their Twitter Blue users based on impressions they get over the month. Also, it is a known fact the more the verified users engage with your content, the better reach it get. So if you want to know how many verified followers you have on Twitter, this read will help you to find it out.

Find Number of Verified Follower on Twitter or X

How to Know Your Verified Twitter Followers?

While there is no direct way to find the number of verified Twitter or X followers you have on the platform, the below-mentioned method can give you a fair idea of it for free, unless you want to for paid tools, without any guarantee of the results.

Method 1 – Check Manually

One way to check how many verified accounts follow you on Twitter or X is to manually count the number of accounts with the check mark in front of their username. The time to count the verified followers depends on your number of followers; if you have fewer followers, it will hardly take a few minutes.

Also, after introducing the Twitter Blue verification badge, the number of Verified followers might be more than expected, and counting them manually might not be feasible for many. In such a case, the next method can come in handy.

Method 2 – Use FollowerAudit

Various online tools, like Circleboom, follower analysis, and more, give detailed data about your Twitter followers. However, they require a monthly subscription. FollowerAudit is a free alternative to get brief information about the Twitter followers of any user, including the percentage of verified followers. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the FollowerAudit website on a web browser.

2. Enter the username of the person whose verified followers data you want to check, and click Search.

know how many Verified twitter followers you have

3. Sign in with your Twitter account to proceed further.

4. Scroll down to the Audit records section, and click View to the see details about the user.

5. Here, you can see the percentage of verified followers the user has out of the total followers count.

know how many Verified twitter followers you have

While this tool does not give an exact number of verified followers, it does give a fair idea of it, along with fake and active followers and more, for free.


Q. How to See How Many Verified Accounts Follow Me on Twitter or X?

While there is no dedicated and easy way to find the number of verified followers you have on Twitter, manually counting the verified followers works well. You can use the Followers Audit tool to get the percentage of verified followers you have.

Q. How Do I See My Verified Followers on Twitter?

To see your verified followers on Twitter or X, go to your followers list from your profile, and scroll to find the verified users following you on Twitter or X.

Wrapping Up

While there is no dedicated and easy way to find the number of your verified followers on Twitter, the above methods can give you a pretty good idea. Paid tools like Circleboom and follower analysis give more detailed data about your followers. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads, and check the ones linked below.

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